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Leading manufacturers in Poland review sustainable packaging solutions at Mondi Simet

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, hosted leaders and packaging experts across Poland’s manufacturing industry to exchange views on industrial market trends, cutting-edge packaging innovations and the latest developments in corrugated packaging solutions.

Mondi Simet has recently completed a €40 million investment, transforming it into a state-of-the-art corrugated packaging facility tailored to serve the specialised needs of its automotive, chemical, food and eCommerce customers in Poland and beyond.

Coveris presents a certified pre-made block bottom bag range, fully recyclable in the paper cycle

Answering the growing market demand for sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions, Coveris recently extended its block bottom bag range with monomaterial paper. Offering a premium look and feel on shelf and easy recycling in existing paper streams, the new bags help reduce overall packaging waste.

PPWR rollout provides “golden opportunity” for packaging industry evolution

The final adoption of the EU's Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations (PPWR) marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable future for Europe’s print and packaging sector.  

Intended to bring total uniformity where the incumbent Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) allowed room for interpretation, the PPWR deal has now been struck.  

What do consumers really think about packaging?

The last in-person drupa took place seven years ago, and the packaging industry and the world have changed dramatically since then. A pandemic, a global economic crisis, a war in Europe, and the ever more obvious effects of global heating becoming clearer have changed the industry landscape beyond recognition. In this context, how have consumer attitudes towards packaging changed and evolved? I speak to two industry experts to find out more.

Packaging - "Place your bets" - a wave of changes on the horizon

For decades, the packaging industry has operated behind the scenes, driven by the things we encounter every day, some of which rely on machinery and processes established over 50 years ago, the industry has recently stepped into the spotlight. While the saying "out of sight, out of mind" has applied well to this industry, it is now facing significant changes that could have occurred independently but have now converged.

Deal on new rules for more sustainable packaging in the EU

Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on revamped rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging, increase safety and boost the circular economy.
The new measures aim to make packaging used in the EU safer and more sustainable, by requiring all packaging to be recyclable, minimising the presence of harmful substances, reducing unnecessary packaging, boosting the uptake of recycled content and improving collection and recycling.

Less packaging and restricting certain packaging formats