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Republic Paperboard Company LLC and Voith innovate curtain coater process to launch Republic’s coated Gypsum Linerboard production

Republic Paperboard recently installed and commissioned a new curtain coater system, which was built by Voith and will allow Republic to produce coated Gypsum Linerboard for the first time.

To achieve its goal to produce coated Gypsum Linerboard, the mill needed a new DF Coat curtain coater system that could efficiently apply a specialty finish. Voith’s solution for Republic is a new innovation that, instead of using expensive white fiber to get the needed color and finish, now uses a fiber base and applies a coating for color and finish.

Roll cover technology from Voith: latest development AiroDry H for guide rolls in the dryer section

Guide rolls are used throughout the paper machine and must therefore meet a wide variety of requirements. In the dryer section the primary task is to safely guide either dryer fabrics or the paper sheet through the machine. Once the rolls become corroded, worn or contaminated, there is an increased risk to paper machine efficiency through sheet breaks. The life of the dryer fabrics could be reduced either by contamination from the guide roll or by abrasion. Guide rolls which are in an extreme condition could break causing unplanned downtime.

Voith realizes ropeless threading for board machines in two-tier dryer sections

In board machines, threading the paper web following shutdowns or breaks in the dryer section has until now been a complicated and time-consuming process. The process of using ropes to guide the tail through the dryer section presents safety risks and involves an extensive maintenance effort. A new Voith solution offers paper manufacturers unprecedented flexibility and reliability. The TailStabilizer can now be used for the first time in board machines with two-tier dryer sections for ropeless threading of the tail, improving both efficiency and safety.

New generation of HydroMix stock mixing system from Voith features an automatically adjustable mixing nozzle and compact design

Voith has comprehensively optimized its HydroMix stock mixing system. The new generation of this tried and tested system features an automatically adjustable stock nozzle, ensures an excellent mixing quality of stock and whitewater, and guarantees consistently superior sheet quality. With a significantly expanded operating window, paper manufacturers benefit from maximum flexibility in the approach flow system of the papermaking process.

Voith shows robust development in an unprecedented year 2020 and continues growth initiatives

In the 2020 financial year (ending September 30, 2020) the Voith Group performed reasonably well given the significant adverse impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic across all segments and markets in the second half of the year. In this context, the Group benefited from its broad-based positioning in terms of sectors and geography; its stable, regionally-organized supply chains; and its very sound financial situation.

BOBST reflects on a very special year and focuses on shaping the future of the packaging world for 2021 and beyond

2020 will be remembered as unexpected and transformational. As we reach the end of it, we take time to look back at some of the important milestones that were achieved and key decisions that were made, and we reveal our expectations and predictions for the year ahead.