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Pasaban Service, Helping Our Customers Worldwide

“Customer proximity and offering a high-quality service are our top priorities.” Iñigo Pagola, Service Manager of Pasaban.

At Pasaban, we want to make sure that our clients receive excellent technical support. In order to ensure this, we have prioritised our customer services as we know this is the best way to obtain maximum performance from our paper and board sheeters and winders. 

PMP supports dynamic development of Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A.

Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. has been continuously working on modernizing its machine fleet for last several years. The priority is, invariably, an increase of production capacity, an improvement of final products’ quality parameters and implementation of environmentally friendly & energy-saving solutions. Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. for years have been partnering with PMP applying ambitious technological projects. In addition, both companies support the idea of "good, because it is Polish".

Voith and PTS Heidenau set a new standard for measuring stickies and non-tacky contaminants using near-infrared measuring technology

In collaboration with the research and service institute Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) Heidenau in Germany, Voith is introducing a new measuring method to detect unwanted tacky contaminants known as stickies. The measuring method, which uses a near-infrared (NIR) camera, allows the reliable detection of contaminants along the papermaking process and offers higher measuring accuracy and a wider range of applications compared to conventional methods. The associated technical rule was recently published as DIN SPEC 6745.

ANDRITZ to supply pulp production technologies and key process equipment for Sun Paper’s new mill in Beihai, China

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Sun Paper to supply pulp dewatering and white liquor plant technologies and key process equipment for their new pulp mill in Beihai, China.

Start-up is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021.

The scope of supply on EPS basis includes the following equipment:

Andritz to supply Compact Press Washer to BillerudKorsnäs

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from BillerudKorsnäs, Sweden to supply key process equipment to complement the main brown stock washing system preceding the side line for their board machine at the Gruvön mill, Sweden.

Start-up is scheduled for April 2021. The scope of supply includes an ANDRITZ COMPACT PRESS® Washer, one MC pump and a standpipe.

SmartGrinder: Voith introduces new refurbishment service for screw presses

Voith’s new refurbishment service for screw presses enables the full restoration of screw performance and reduces downtimes by up to 20 percent compared to conventional repair methods. With SmartGrinder, the new refurbishment service, customers can restore original screw performance and achieve an optimum balance between operating costs and technological performance – a decisive factor for paper quality and cost efficiency in paper production.

The key to handling surges in e-commerce packaging demand: during COVID-19 and beyond

E-commerce was already a booming market before COVID-19, hitting sales of over 3.5 trillion US dollars in 2019 and projected to reach 6.5 trillion US dollars by 2022.

But since the pandemic hit, online spending has increased even further. There has been a 20% surge in sales worldwide  and in some countries, the figure is even higher. For example, in the US, online sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) grew 56% for the one week ending April 18th, compared to the same period a year earlier. It’s a pattern being replicated in countries all over the world.