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Releaf Paper Unveils a Sustainable Marvel: The Fallen Leaf Collection and Natural Kraft Collection Eco-Friendly Packaging

Oct 26 2023
Releaf Paper Unveils a Sustainable Marvel: The Fallen Leaf Collection and Natural Kraft Collection Eco-Friendly Packaging
Releaf Paper, a pioneering producer of eco-friendly paper products and packaging from fallen leaves, is thrilled to announce its latest offerings: the "Fallen Leaf Collection" and "Natural Kraft Collection." This innovative line of products, including eco-friendly bags, paper sheets, and more, takes a significant stride towards preserving our environment while embracing the beauty of nature.
The Fallen Leaf Collection and Natural Kraft Collection are designed to inspire eco-conscious consumers with their sustainable craftsmanship and exceptional features. 
"The Fallen Leaf Collection and Natural Kraft Collection represent the next step in our journey," said Alexander Sobolenko, CEO and co-founder of Releaf Paper. "As we celebrate our 2-year anniversary, our commitment to environmental sustainability has always been at the core of our mission. We're proud to present these new products made from fallen leaves, a natural resource that would otherwise go to waste. These collections showcase our dedication to finding eco-friendly alternatives that are both beautiful and functional. We've listened to the voices of our customers and have carefully designed these products to meet their most popular requests. Our clients wanted sustainable, sturdy, and versatile paper products, and we've delivered precisely that with these collections."
The Fallen Leaf and Natural Kraft Collections are designed with a diverse range of clients in mind, including:
1. Small and Medium Businesses: Whether you're a boutique shop or a cozy cafe, these collections offer a green alternative for packaging and promotions. The durability and elegance of these products make them an ideal choice for showcasing your brand's commitment to sustainability.
2. Vineyards: For vineyards looking to package and promote their wines in an eco-conscious manner, these collections offer an excellent solution. The beautiful brown-grey colorway and organic look of the products align perfectly with the vineyard aesthetic.
3. Art and Hobby Enthusiasts: Individuals who are passionate about sustainable materials for their creative endeavors will find these collections to be a perfect fit. The Natural Kraft Collection's paper sheets are ideal for artists, crafters, and hobbyists who appreciate eco-friendly options.
4. Eco-Conscious Shoppers: Consumers who are keen on making sustainable choices when shopping for everyday items or gifts will love the eco gift bags from the Fallen Leaf Collection. They're not only stylish but also environmentally responsible.
Key Features of Releaf Bags:
• Made from paper produced from fallen leaves without felling the trees.
• Offers a green alternative to plastic or wood-paper carrier bags.
• Fully recyclable and biodegradable within 40-55 days for sustainable disposal.
• Handles attached with super-strong adhesive for secure carrying.
• Thick paper construction for carrying heavy loads.
• Kraft colorway for an organic look.
• Rectangular base for easy loading and transportation.
• Supplied flat-packed for space-saving storage.
• Ideal for carrying takeaway containers, groceries, and food-to-go.
• Versatile for use as eco gift bags. 
Key properties of Paper in sheets:
• Drawing: acrylics, pastels, wax pencils, graphite pencils, gel pens, oil pens.
• Print: Laser printers, Inkjet printers, no other information available.
• Bend, twist, cut.
• The number of folds for 80 paper is 218 times.
• Accepts PVA glue, hot melt, silicone, acrylic, starch glue.
Releaf Paper continues to be a frontrunner in the eco-friendly packaging industry. The Fallen Leaf and Natural Kraft Collections showcase their commitment to creating products that are environmentally responsible and functional for a diverse clientele.
Releaf Paper is the first in the world manufacturer of paper and packaging from fallen leaves with production in Ukraine and headquartered in France. Releaf Paper started production during COVID pandemic and made a move to export sustainable packaging in Europe during the war in Ukraine in 2022. The main production site is located in Lutsk (Ukraine). The current capacity is 10,000 tons of paper per year. We use Releaf Paper to produce Releaf Bags for shopping. The monthly production capacity is 10,000,000 bags.